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"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Benjamin Franklin


Why Install Quality Guttters?

The best thing that you can do for your home is to keep water away from it.  With repeated or prolonged exposure to moisture water will get deep into the concrete, brick or mortar causing cracks in the foundation.  The home will also become susceptible to rot, mold, mildew, discoloration, seepage and landscape erosion.  You combat that with properly installed quality gutters and downspouts that act as a trough and catch the rain and usher the water away from the home.


The Less Seams, The Less Likely to Leak!

The gutters that we install are seamless gutters, the term seamless does not mean completely without seams.  Realistically the term "seamless gutters" means that there are less seams or opportunity for seams.  There are still seams where the gutters meet at corners or downspouts.  


Thickness makes a Huge Difference.

Across those regions of our country where snow and ice is little to no factor, the average gutter used is the lighter weight (.027") aluminum.  The lighter weight represents a slight cost savings to you.  BUT, Thicker is Stronger. Twice as thick = 4x as strong, so the .032 is about 150% the strength of the .027.  Even though both look the same and will work, the .027 will not perform the same under stress as .032.  If you put a ladder on the thinner gutter to clean it or get up on your roof, you might crush it.  Falling or swaying tree branches can dent it.  If the gutter becomes filled with leafs, branches and water it can warp or tear.  If your home is due new gutters in Fredericksburg, installing the heavy weight (.032") gutters is recomended to prevent warping and tearing when it fills with snow/ice and water.


Bracket & Spike Ferrule Hangers

What you likely have now is the Spike and Ferrule method. It involves a metal cylinder or tube that is placed inside the gutter to strengthen it and keep it from bending. The spike is driven through the face of the gutter at the top, through the ferrule and into the wood fascia board. Spike-and-ferrule hangers tend to pull out of the wood over time. This can cause the gutters to sag.

We install our gutters with inside hidden hangers.  These hangers span the gutter width and are mounted inside the gutter aproxamently every 24”.  We typically attach the hanger with a #10 1-½” screw that is screwed through the hanger from the inside of the gutter and into the fascia board.



Offered in 2x3 inch, 3x4 inch, and 3 inch round, our downspouts are made from pre-manufactured 8 or 10 foot sections of aluminum (in the same colors offered as gutters). Downspouts are fastened to cleats using our 1/2 inch screws and then fastened to the trim or wall with the same 1 inch screws used in our gutter installations. Plastic anchors are inserted into pre-drilled holes for concrete or masonry walls. When the downspouts are not attached to an underground drainage system, a downspout elbow is typically left 2 to 6 inches above ground level or roof line.


Residential Gutter Installation

Our gutters and downspouts are made with aluminum to keep down the price and the material can last a lifetime.  We offer the installation of both .032 gauge and the thinner .027.  On most residential homes we tipicly install 5" K-style gutters with 2x3 downspouts.  But we do recommend installing 3x4 downspouts where the may be high acumulation of water or debris.   We normally complete our gutter installations in a single day and offer a three year workmanship warranty.

Our gutters paint are applied with a two-coat continuous baked-on process of an acid-based primer and baked-on high performance linear polyester topcoat on exposed surfaces. Concealed surfaces finished with a polyester gold backer or wash coat.




5 inche k-style aluminum Gutters  & Downspouts



Gutters & Downspouts

  • .027 inch (0.69 mm)
  • .032  inch (0.81 mm)
  • 5" and 6" K-Style gutters
  • 2"x3" and 3"x4" downspouts
  • Attached to fascia using screwed down hidden hangers
  • Many Colors Availible



SureGaurd Gutter / leaf Guards.  Gutter Protection




  • 3' section leaf guard protection
  • Fits over both 5” and 6” K-style gutters
  • Placed under shingles and screwed into gutter, not roof
  • SureGaurd.pdf


LeaFree Water Adhesion Gutter Guard



  • Low profile design
  • Works by water adhesion
  • 1/2 the price of some leading competitors
  • Little to no maintenance
  • 1/2" horizontal opening
  • Placed under shingles and screwed into gutter, not roof
  • Installs over existing gutters
  • Fits any home
  • Specialized inside miters and high flow panels available
  • LeaFree.pdf